About Us

Our story

Our Founder Sarah was juggling trying to muck out three horses alongside doing the school run and trying to look 'half decent'.

Sarah wanted 'all-in-one' coveralls that she could just pop over her everyday clothes to save time and reduce the washing pile.  After searching in vain for waterproof and practical ladies coveralls, Sarah resorted to buying mens industrial coveralls and rolling up the sleeves and legs so they almost fit her.

Sarah's 'customised' oversized mens suits, with baggy waists and pockets that were almost level with her knees, were still strangely admired by her horsey friends, female vets, lady gardeners, etc.

Posh Muckerz coveralls


... and that is how Posh Muckerz was born.  Why not make posh, practical and pretty coveralls especially for ladies?

Sarah started with a blank piece of paper, commissioned a pattern cutter, fabric and trim experts and a specialist outdoor clothing manufacturer and set about creating something fabulous!

And then the organisers of Olympia, The London International Horse Show heard about our coveralls and invited us to launch them at Olympia in December 2018 as one of their recognised 'Olympia Introducing' new innovative ideas.  We were delighted and overwhelmed to then be awarded the rosette for 'Best Exhibitor - Horse & Rider' at Olympia 2018!

What will you use yours for?


Be it mucking out, clipping, gardening, farming, walking the dog, keeping your jodhpurs and show / hunting jacket clean before 'the off', riding out ... or just doing those mucky jobs at home or work, we bet that you'll soon wonder how you ever managed without your Posh Muckerz coveralls too.  

The days of rolling up legs and arms on mens coveralls and fishing keys out of pockets at knee-level or changing clothes several times a day are thankfully behind us!

photo gallery - Posh Muckerz in action