Care Instructions


Day-to-day washing

Our coveralls and riding gloves have been designed and tested to be machine washable at 30 degrees centigrade.

Posh Muckerz® garments should be washed regularly to optimise performance and ensure zips remain free from any build up of grit and dirt.

On a day-to-day basis, normal household washing detergent can be used for washing your coveralls. The coveralls and riding gloves should be air dried only as tumble drying will damage the reflective piping and suede / leather trims.

Please see the garment care label for further information.

Periodic re-proofing

Periodically, after regular washing (usually every 3 to 6 months), it is recommended that you re-proof your coveralls to maintain the Durable Water Repellency (DWR).

We recommend machine washing the coveralls first at 30 degrees centigrade using Nikwax® Tech Wash to clean and remove any residue before adding either Nikwax® Softshell Proof (for Posh Muckerz® Originals and riding gloves) or Nikwax® TX.Direct (for Posh Muckerz® Lightweights) and running a second washing program on a synthetic cycle at 30 degrees centigrade with a slow spin.

Your coveralls can then be air dried as normal.

When it's really hoofing it down

Make sure that you have your hood up (to prevent water running down the neck) and the zip storm placket fully fastened up ... then adopt your smug Posh Muckerz® smirk, as you will be the driest, warmest and most glamorous gal on the yard!

Posh Muckerz® Nikwax® Care Packs

We are a stockist for Nikwax® Tech Wash, Nikwax® Softshell Proof and Nikwax® TX.Direct.

Nikwax® products are easy and quick to apply at home in a washing machine and will maintain the waterproofing and breathability of your Posh Muckerz® coveralls without the need for tumble drying.

Nikwax® products are also 100% PFC-free and are environmentally friendly (they are water-based and do not contain aerosols).

The recommended Nikwax® care products for both Original and Lightweight Posh Muckerz® coveralls and Posh Muckerz® riding gloves can be purchased via our online Shop.