Matching Riding Gloves


As the popularity of our Original and Lightweight Posh Muckerz® coveralls grew, more and more of our loyal customers were asking when we would be making matching riding gloves.

Having now found a feminine and flattering solution for keeping themselves warm and dry when riding out, mucking out and working outdoors, our customers were complaining that the only think that was still wet and cold was their hands!  

Many of our customers suffer from chilblains and Raynaud Syndrome and it was clear that there was a gap in the market for 'proper' waterproof riding gloves which would be warm without being too bulky, offered sufficient grip and dexterity for riding, whilst also being practical and hard wearing.  

Your design brief

Firstly we launched a poll across our social media channels to find out exactly what design features you wanted from our new riding gloves.  

Your response was overwhelming, your 'wish list' was long and, as riders ourselves, it all made complete sense.  

    Of course, we also needed to ensure that the gloves had no Velcro® anywhere ... its not that we are adverse to Velcro®, we think that it's a brilliant invention ... just not when mixed with hay, horse and dog hair.  It's a Posh Muckerz® thing!

    Learning from the best

    We commissioned a leading UK glove specialist to partner with us and help us to come up with our perfect Posh Muckerz® design.  If you want the best, you have to learn from the best!

    Our specialist partner has been supplying, designing and making gloves for nearly 175 years, is a fifth-generation company and the oldest family-run glove company left in the UK.  They specialise in skilfully cutting gloves to give a flexible fit, make gloves for the Royal Family and are also renowned for their hard-wearing technical gloves, designed for the Fire Service, Police and Military.

    It was a match made in heaven - we had found glove specialists who are as obsessive about design and practicality as we are.

    Numerous product samples were made, put through their paces and refined further.  After several months of hard work and hours spent with gloved-hands immersed in buckets of freezing cold water (yes, we actually did!), we were all confident that we had designed the perfect Posh Muckerz® riding gloves.

    So, here they are ...

    Introducing the Posh Muckerz® riding gloves

    Posh Muckerz® Riding Gloves Original Navy / Navy Contrast

    Available in three gorgeous colour ways (Original Navy / Navy Contrast, Granite Grey / Navy Contrast and NEW Granite Grey / Grey Contrast) to coordinate with our full range of AWARD-WINNING Posh Muckerz® coveralls.

    Our riding gloves are presented in a matching Posh Muckerz® cloth drawstring bag which is handy for storing your gloves when not in use.

    Available in four sizing options with the following Technical Specification:

    √ Waterproof

    • Manufactured using Posh Muckerz® Originals technical Nano Softshell outer fabric, which has a waterproof rating of 5,000+mm H20 (over three times more waterproof than the minimum British Standard of 1,500+mm H20).
    • Additional Hipora® waterproof inner membrane.

    √ Warm

    • The Nano Softshell is a bonded triple-layered fabric (300g/m2) and includes a waterproof outer layer, a breathable layer and a fleece layer.  This keeps you dry and protected all-year-round but gives additional warmth in the colder months without making you perspire.
    • Additional Thinsulate® rigid glove inner lining for extra warmth.

    √ Breathable

    • Outer Nano Softshell fabric has fully breathable technology. 

    √ Windproof

    • Outer Nano Softshell fabric is fully windproof.

    √ Dirt repellent

    • Nano Softshell fabric has a dirt repellent coating which prevents hay and horse hair, etc from sticking.

    √ Grip and comfort

    • Hard wearing amara suede palm (which is used for fire and rescue gloves) and real leather reinforcement patches for grip. 
    • Knitted elasticated double cuff for fit and comfort (no Velcro®!).

    √ Practical

    • Tech pads* on thumbs and forefingers for using mobile telephones and other electronic devices (* Please note: tech pads are less effective when you have a screen protector on your device). 
    • Unique padded 'watch guard'. 
    • Flexible and thin for 'feel' and dexterity. 
    • Available in four sizes for that perfect fit. 
    • Glove clips.

    √ Machine washable

    • 30 degrees centigrade. 
    • Recommended Care Pack: Nikwax® Tech Wash and Nikwax® Softshell Proof.

    What will be next?

    We love hearing your ideas for what you would like to see next from Posh Muckerz®.  Please get in touch and let us know your thoughts and we will do our best to deliver.